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LED signs are one of the best, most attractive ways to advertise your business. Outdoor digital signs are built to be bright and rugged to both withstand the elements and still be eye catching to consumers. LED signs can be anything from large rolling marquees, to full motion graphics. These digital displays are great for increasing foot traffic as the motion draws the eye, coupled with an attractive ad or special they can make a large difference in traffic to your store

LED Electronic Message Centers (EMC’s) are a vital part of any comprehensive communications plan for event centers, financial institutions, stadiums, schools and more. Perfect for directing traffic, notifying customers and employees about information, any other purposes where constantly changing information needs to be delivered quickly and easily. EMC’s are available with a wide variety of pixel pitches, sizes, and color options. From monochrome to full color, or just text to full images, we offer a wide variety of options. All sizes are available as you can see below to meet your business's needs. We also carry a variety of different pixel resolution options. The higher the pixel resolution the higher quality of pictures that will be displayed. A higher pixel resolution will show a higher quality picture and sharper words to customers walking or driving by. For the food industry we always recommend a higher resolution to better display your products in high quality. If your needs are primarily text a lower pixel resolution may be recommended. We are happy to discuss with you your needs, and make recommendations based on our years of experience in the industry working with similar businesses.

These energy-efficient, low-maintenance signs have a half-life of approximately 100,000 hours. This puts their life expectancy in the 11-12 year range. We personally warranty any EMC's for 5-8 years to ensure your installation is hassle free. We will finance any sign with a typical sign payment starting as low as approx $350 per month depending on size, style, and material.

We service and install all brands across the USA. Installation is simple whether you have an existing electrical outlet, or one needs to be installed. If an outlet needs to be installed we will work with your electrician, or we can handle everything for you. We can also assist with all phases of the permitting process for new signs if needed. These signs can either be wall mounted, pole mounted, or Monument style (commonly called ground signs).

 Full color EMC's 


( EMC's or electronic message centers are commonly referred to as LED's they all do the same thing some on poles some on walls & some Monument Style which we call " ground signs". These led signs can be added to existing signs such as on our website, replaced. In other words we swap out your old one exact fit for a new one. Or new we handle your sign "permit" process start to finish if needed at all. An electric sign permit can be approx $500. briefly described on our "Services Page".

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Our large, full-color LED displays possess great clarity rain or shine.
From theater and shopping mall entrances to sports stadiums, we have what you need for any occasion.